Turkey Trot 5k Wednesday, November 22, 2023



Turkey Trot 5k for Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Come one, come all! Strap on your running shoes and bring the whole family for a TURKEY TROT starting at Hole 10 walking, running or jogging the back 9 and ending at The Grille!

What better way to prep for a feast than a family-friendly 5k?

This event is not just about running, but also about having fun and spending quality time with loved ones. The route is designed to be suitable for all ages and fitness levels, so even those who have never participated in a 5k before can join in on the fun. 

After crossing the finish line, each runner will score a coveted ribbon of completion, enjoy Coffee, Hot Chocolate and continental breakfast, families can choose to take home either an apple or pumpkin pie to add the finishing touches to their Thanksgiving Dinners!

$20 entry fee per family (includes Running Bib, Completion Ribbon, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Continental Breakfast, Choice of Pie).


Registration Deadline is November 19th, 2023


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